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This light weight and durable knife and sheath set are a must for traveling, trail running, hiking, backpacking, fishing, hunting, camping and much more. The HoyleWorks Sheath is perfectly made to match the Lansky knife, that is included, with High quality 0.080 Kydex, strung with strong 550 Paracord and latched together with a 5/8" safety buckle. There is no metal in this set at all which makes it perfect for traveling. The Lansky Knife comes in original packaging, is made completely from Polymer and is flat on one side, and is replacable here on our site quite inexpensively or can be purchased through Lansky . The sheath is just under 5" and with knife inserted is only 7". It weighs only 3oz. entirely. This makes it perfect to throw in your bag, backpack, vehicle or purse for any event. It comes in a variety of colors for the topside and is completed with Black, Brown, Red, Blue, Zombie Green or white on the bottom side.Please see the reference chart to determine your top side color choices. We will consider other options for an additional charge, please email your request to for further information.

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