About Us


  We are Clayton & AJ Hoyle, the Owner/Operator/Designers of HoyleWorks and we are glad you came to our site!

Our Family is comprised of Clayton and I (AJ), our Tiny angel Pups, Daisy Mae Hoyle, Charlie Pickle Hoyle, Stella Scrappydoo Hoyle and Newest Lily Honeybear Hoyle. We also have four amazing children that are now grown and on their own. Our oldest Aaron currently resides in Colorado and is a Remote based working professional. Our oldest daughter Cassy and Her husband Jared are the Athletes of the family, they are ultra marathoners and are the reason we created our traveler knife sets.  Our Middle daughter Elizabeth and her Fiancé reside in Wisconsin where she is currently a Store Opening Manger with Starbucks. And of course, our Baby, Danielle, who is actually 25, is married to an amazing husband, Johnson and has just graduated college. Danielle is following in her parents footsteps and currently is working with wood and other creative avenues. We are so very proud of our family and all of the amazing accomplishments they have all achieved. 

 Our business was created when we wanted certain items and could not find them or what we did find, lacked quality or originality. Thus, HoyleWorks was born. Each and every creation is made with all the love and care that we have for our family, friends and Pups. (And we REALLY Love them). We strongly believe in honesty, value and integrity and base our business and products with this in mind.  So, when you buy one of our products, know that customer satisfaction is our absolute intention and we design and craft all of our products in our shops here in the Great USA! We look forward to creating your perfect product!